Statute of AMSBiH



With this Statute are determined:goals, tasks and activities of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina (in further text: AMSBiH), membership in AMSBiH.

AMSBiH members rights and duties, management of AMSBiH activities, organization of work at AMSBiH, economic-financial operation of AMSBiH and rules on termination of AMSBiH.


AMSBiH is a non-governmental association of scientists established to promote biomedical science and improve public health.

It is an independent non-profit legal entity, registered at the Cantonal Ministry of Science and Education, Sarajevo .It operates independently of state institutions and cooperates with them in scientific projects of common interest for the country. AMSBiH headquarters are established in Sarajevo while the Scientific Committees can be established in other university cities of BiH.

Operation of AMSBiH  refers  to the realization  of activities  from Article  73, Law on High Education  of Canton Sarajevo and Article 25, Law on Public Institutions.


The full title of AMSBiH is "Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina", and the short title is AMSBiH. Latin title of AMSBiH is "Academia Bosniaca Scientiarum Medicarum", with abbreviation ABSM. Academy title in English is "Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina", with abbreviation AMS BiH.

Headquarters of AMSBiH are in Sarajevo, in Čekaluša street 90/4.

AMSBiH operates on territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


AMSBiH is a legal entity, registered at the Cantonal Ministry of Science and Education of Canton Sarajevo and is registered in the Register of this Ministry.

AMSBiH is represented by its president or one of vice-presidents.


AMSBiH have its own seal, circular in shape, 3.4 cm in diameter which consists of three concentric circles in which is the written text “The Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina “ in South Slavic languages, Latin and English. In the central part of the seal is Esculape staff and year written in Latin.AMSBiH have a badge, flag and members of the Academy receive a membership card which is identification information printed by the Academy of the date of their membership.

AMSBiH celebrates its foundation day and, preferably, on that day held an annual

Assembly to officially accept the new members into AMSBiH.



Goals of AMSBiH formation are: promotion of medical sciences, improvement of public health, affirmation of Bosnia and Herzegovina medicine in the country and abroad.


AMSBiH activities are:

  • organization of scientific and professional meetings,
  • publishing  which enables  scientists  and researchers  to promote medical  sciences  and improve the health  of BiH population,
  • publishing of AMSBiH annual and Journal Medicinski arhiv (Medical Archives) and other for which Presidency of the Academy or its Boards evaluate that with quality can be a journals of AMSBiH,
  • cooperation with institutions in the country and abroad which goals and activities are the same or similar to one of AMSBiH.

Work of AMSBiH and its entities is public and transparent, available to public information media, with possible valorization of its activities by official and non official institutions following science and scientific work in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



For member of AMSBiH can be elected a scientist in field of biomedical sciences which work on protection of health of BiH population and fulfills the criteria’s listed in Article 9 on this Statute.

Members  of AMSBiH  can be regular, associate  members,  and associates.  Number of members AMSBiH  is  not limited, but the selection process is limited to a maximum of 12 members per year, where each newly elected member, after passing  through a procedure  of verification by Initiation  Committee, should  held a access  lecture  prior to its membership.

Regular members of AMSBiH are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, residents of BiH and from which are elected the bodies of AMSBiH.
Associate members of AMSBiH are scholars which are also citizens of Bosnia and foreign nationals.

AMSBiH have its honorary members, and their membership will be made according to conditions set forth in Article 11 of the Statute.

Rights and duties of AMSBiH members are determined by the provisions of Article 13 of this Statute.


Member of AMSBiH  became by election.  Election  to membership  of AMSBiH  conducts  Assembly  of AMSBiH according to the protocol given to the provisions of Article 16 of this Statute.

The basic condition for the election in AMSBiH membership is that the candidate has defended his doctoral thesis in biomedical sciences as well as evidence of the results of scientific research in biomedicine and that: have some of the university  teaching  profession  (at  least  regular or associate  professor),  published  a book or textbook in the field  of biomedical sciences and at least ten articles published in biomedical computer’s database Current Contents, Medline and EMBASE.


Election into certain member’s categories of AMSBiH is made based on following conditions:

a)  For a member of AMSBiH can be elected a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is:

  • doctor of biomedical sciences;
  • distinguish scientist in certain biomedical fields, scientifically recognized in the state and abroad by the results of its scientific activities;
  • university teacher as emeritus professor, full time or associate professor at some of the biomedical faculties;
  • to actively participates in national and international scientific bodies, and published at least ten original articles as author in indexed journals from Article 9 of this Statute, and
  • that with its scientific actions promoted at least three doctors of biomedical sciences and five magisters of biomedical sciences.

b) Associate member of AMSBiH can be elected internationally acknowledged scientist in field of biomedical sciences which fulfill criteria’s for member election, but is:

  • foreign citizen;
  • citizen of BiH with permanent place of residence outside the BiH.

In its scientific status associate member is equal to a member of AMSBiH.

c) For associate of AMSBiH can be elected medical scientist, citizen of BiH, which fulfills the criteria’s:

  • doctor of biomedical sciences;
  • published at least five original articles as first author in above listed indexed journal in Article 9 of this Statute;
  • associate professor or active lecturer at the scientific meetings in country and abroad. Election procedure for membership in AMSBiH is determined with separate Regulations.

Honorary  members of AMSBiH are chosen on the basis of decisions of the AMSBiH Assembly, and proposed by Main Board of AMSBiH, AMSBiH Board or Senate, but with the consent of the Main Committee of AMSBiH. Honorary members of AMSBiH may  be a persons  non-members of AMSBiH with distinguished scientific work in the field of biomedical science, which gave the contribution to the development of biomedical sciences in BiH and abroad.

Honorary member of AMSBiH is entitled to state their membership with their name.


Main Board of AMSBiH is awarding the honorary name of the laureate and organizes academic days DIES ACADEMICUS to especially deserving members of AMSBiH for their long work and special achievements of medical science and the profession.

For a special contribution to medical science AMSBiH is giving appropriate awards and recognitions.



a) Members of AMSBiH have the following rights:

  • to elect members and to be elected in bodies of AMSBiH;
  • to participate in professional and scientific work of AMSBiH;
  • to suggest operation programs of AMSBiH;
  • to wear a members badge of AMSBiH.

Members of AMSBiH have also the following obligations:

  • to contribute with its work to professional and scientific progress in medicine;
  • to preserve and improve with their work respect and honor of AMSBiH; to obey general ethical and bioethical principles in their lives and work; to cooperate with journals and publications of AMSBiH.

b) Associate members have the following rights:

  • to participate in professional and scientific work of AMSBiH;
  • to suggest operation programs of AMSBiH;
  • to wear a members badge of AMSBiH.

Membership in AMSBiH is terminated:

  • on request of AMSBiH member,
  • expel as a consequence  of violation to AMSBiH reputation, member death AMSBiH.

Decision on exclusion from membership is made by the AMSBiH Committee, the Mean Board of the AMSBiH on the proposal by Court of Honor AMSBiH. Excluded member has the right to complain to the Assembly AMSBiH to the decision about his exclusion by the Main Board of AMSBiH.

The decision of the Assembly AMSBiH is final.

Decision on expulsion from membership of AMSBiH is carried by the Main Board of AMSBiH.



AMSBiH have the following bodies: Assembly, Main Board, Supervision Board, Court of honor Senate.


AMSBiH  Assembly  is  the highest  body of AMSBiH  and it is  consisted  by members and associate  members of AMSBiH.

Assembly can be:

  • Annual;
  • Election Assembly for AMSBiH bodies, as follows: Main Board of AMSBiH; Supervision Board of AMSBiH, Court of Honor of AMSBiH and Senate of the AMSBiH;
  • Election Assembly for election of new members in AMSBiH;
  • Emergency Assembly of AMSBiH.

Annual Assembly of AMSBiH is held once a year and it is organized by the President of AMSBiH.

Election Assembly for AMSBiH bodies is organized every four years, by the President of AMSBiH chaired by the working presidency elected at the Assembly of AMSBiH.

Election Assembly for new members of AMSBiH is organized every two years and it is organized and lead by the President of AMSBiH.

Emergency  Assembly  of AMSBiH  is  organized  according  to need. It is  organized  by the President  of AMSBiH according to article 18 of this Statute and it is lead by the working presidency of AMSBiH.

Emergency Assembly of AMSBiH is organized by the President of AMSBiH on request by at least 1/3 of Mean Board members, or when requested by at least 10% of members, or at least two boards of AMSBiH.

If the President of AMSBiH does not organize emergency assembly during 30 days period, it will be organized by the above mentioned proposing party


Assembly of AMSBiH is organized and its decisions are valid if at least 1/5 of members are present. Assembly of AMSBiH makes decision by the more than half majority of present members.


Annual Assembly of AMSBiH:

  • dopts and change the Statute of AMSBiH; adopts financial plan and final financial report; adopts and change program of AMSBiH;
  • adopts other acts and important decisions for work of AMSBiH;
  • forms boards and committees of AMSBiH;
  • evaluate and adopts report on AMSBiH work;
  • decides on complaints from the members AMSBiH;
  • gives guidelines for future work of AMSBiH;
  • perform other jobs prescribed by the responsible laws or Statute of AMSBiH;
  • decides on termination of AMSBiH existence.

Implementing functions and other jobs determined with this Statute are performed by the Main Board of AMSBiH. Main Board of AMSBiH is consisted of at least 15-20 as follows:

  • president;
  • two vice presidents; general secretary; financial secretary; technical secretary; boards presidents; President of the Senate; main and responsible editors of AMSBiH journals and appropriate number of AMSBiH journals main board members.

If needed, Main Board of AMSBiH can, on a proposal of AMSBiH President, engage more board members and their election is confirmed by the next AMSBiH Assembly.

President of AMSBiH at the same time is the President of the AMSBiH Main Board. President of AMSBiH organize and lead the meetings of AMSBiH.

Main Board of AMSBiH performs the following activities:

  • determine proposal of the Statute and other general documents given to the evaluation and adopted by the Assembly;
  • determine the proposal of the activities program and plans for AMSBiH operation;
  • take care about implementation of activities program and implementation of decision made by AMSBiH Assembly;
  • manage the property of AMSBiH and entitles the signer of the financial documents;
  • gives report on activities to the Assembly of AMSBiH;
  • suggest election of the AMSBiH new members;
  • perform other jobs prescribed by the statute and other general documents of the AMSBiH.

Meeting of the Main Board AMSBiH is organized by the President of AMSBiH or one of the vice presidents with its empowerment.

Decisions of the Main Board AMSBiH are valid if on the meeting of Main Board are present one half of the members and if for the decision is voted more than half of the present members.

Meetings of Main Board AMSBiH are held according to needs, and date, time and its agenda are determined by the President or appointed vice presidents of the AMSBiH.

Meeting of Main Board AMSBiH must be organized on request of 1/3 of its members.

Meeting of Main Board AMSBiH can be organized by the proposing party in case that President or one of vice presidents does not organize a meeting during 30 days following the request


For its work Main Board of AMSBiH is responsible to the Assembly of AMSBiH. About its work Main Board of AMSBiH gives to the Assembly the annual report. Mandate of members in Main Board of AMSBiH is four years.


Supervision Board of AMSBiH follows and supervises its work, and about their results and opinion gives written report to the Assembly and Main Board of AMSBiH.

Supervision Board of AMSBiH determines whether the activities of AMSBiH are in accordance with valid legislation, Statute of AMSBiH and its other documents.

Supervision Board AMSBiH especially supervise material and financial operations of AMSBiH.


Supervision Board of AMSBiH has three members, which elect president among themselves. Meetings of Supervision Board of AMSBiH are organized according to need.

Decision  of Supervision  Board of AMSBiH  is  valid  id the majority  of Board members wetted  in favor of them. Mandate of Supervision board AMSBiH members is four years.


President of AMSBiH:

  • represents AMSBiH in country and abroad;
  • starts discussion on certain issues from the scope of Assembly and Main Board of AMSBiH;
  • take care about creation and adopted of legal documents of Assembly AMSBiH and informing the public about the work of Assembly and other bodies;
  • sign documents adopted by the Assembly and Main Board of AMSBiH;
  • lead the work of Main Board, chair the Annual Assembly of AMSBiH and chair the Assembly for election of new AMSBiH members;
  • perform other duties determined by this Statute and other general documents of AMSBiH. President gives report on its work to the Main Board and Assembly of AMSBiH.

President proposes to the Assembly two Vice presidents, General secretary, Financial secretary and other members of the Main Board of AMSBiH, and the Assembly confirms their election.
Vice presidents take the role of President according to powers given by it.

Mandate of the President, Vice president and General secretary last for four years with possibility of reelection for the next four years mandate.


General secretary of AMSBiH performs following duties:

  • assures implementation of decisions, programs, plans, guidelines and conclusions of the Assembly of AMSBiH and Main Board of the AMSBiH;
  • prepares meetings of the Main Board, Assembly and its bodies and assists President in its work;
  • sign operational documents;
  • gives report on its work;
  • perform other duties given by President and the Main Board, or duties determined by this Statute and other legal documents.

General secretary of AMSBiH for its duties and tasks is responsible to the Assembly of AMSBiH, Main Board of AMSBiH and the President of AMSBiH.

General secretary is elected by the Assembly of AMSBiH on proposal of AMSBiH President, with mandate of four years.


Financial secretary of AMSBiH is responsible of financial operations of AMSBiH, for rational utilization of funds and their collection. It is elected by the Assembly of AMSBiH on President propose and its mandate last for four years.


Technical secretary of AMSBiH, assist General secretary of AMSBiH and take proceedings on meetings of the Main Board AMSBiH.

It is elected by the Assembly on President propose, with mandate of four years.


Court of Honor has three members and three deputies.

Members of the Court elect the President of Court of honor among themselves.

Court of Honor performs procedures in case that members of AMSBiH violate this Statute or endanger reputation of AMSBiH. Court of Honor is elected by the Assembly of AMSBiH for four years period.


Senate is the highest counseling body of AMSBiH.

Senate discuss on scientific, professional and humanistic issues related to medical science and its attitudes, conclusions and recommendations informs Main Board of AMSBiH and Annual Assembly of AMSBiH.

For Senate member of AMSBiH can be elected a member of AMSBiH which with its work, credits in AMSBiH have special contribution to its work.
Members of the Senate are elected by the AMSBiH Assembly on proposal from Main Board of AMSBiH.

Proposed election of Senate members initiates the Senate of AMSBiH. Senate have at least 30 to 40 members, and their number can be increased if needed. Senate elects its President, Vice president and General secretary for period of four years.


Annual Assembly, on proposal by Main Board of AMSBiH, forms the appropriate boards according to certain fields of medical science.
Boards elect presidents and according to need vice president and secretary, for the period of four years. About its work boards report to the Main Board of AMSBiH.

Boards according to need can found sub boards in agreement with the Main Board of AMSBiH. Boards suggest to Main Board of AMSBiH candidates for new members of AMSBiH and laureates.


AMSBiH forms its professional service – technical support which performs the following jobs:

  • administrative-technical jobs, matherial-financement jobs,
  • other jobs necessary for implementation of activities program and implementation of AMSBiH activities.

Technical services are lead by the General secretary of AMSBiH.



AMSBiH makes income from:

  • scientific cooperation with other institutions and persons;
  • subventions;
  • donations and
  • other sources in accordance with current laws.

Allocation of funds from the financial plan and report is made by Main Committee done on the basis of financial plan and final accounts.



AMSBiH stops to operate by the decision of AMSBiH Assembly, if for that vote more than half of members or based on active rules related to this matter.


In case of AMSBiH work termination, its property becomes a subject of public auction.


This Statute becomes active at day of adoption and based on written decision by the President of AMSBiH Assembly.
President od AMSBiH,
Prof Izet Masic, MD, PhD

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