Report from the General board of AMSBiH

At the meeting of the AMSB&H Central Committee held on 13 June 2011 in Sarajevo are made following decisions:a) In accordance with the AMSB&H Statute by specific Decision that was made at a meeting of 13 June2011 the name used is the Academy of Medical Sciences within the existing registration of the Association, until the enactment of the Law on the academies at the B&H state level;

b) That the Solemn Session of AMSB&H, as a scientific event "Days of AMSB&H" will be held on 24 June 2011 in the hotel "Holiday Inn" in Sarajevo, and on this occasion will be promoted 5 new AMSB&H members who have applied to the competition called for by the Committee to receive the head of the academic Vjekoslav Gerc which fulfill the conditions to be admitted as new AMSB&H members. They are professor Zlata Kundurovic MD PhD, professor Halima Resic MD PhD, professor Ljubo Simic MD PhD, professor Enver Zerem MD PhD and professor Zlatko Hrgovic MD PhD. Distinguished professors are obliged to maintain their promotion lectures at this event.

c) That the academics: Izet Masic, Mirko Grujic, and Marko Buksa visit Pharmacy-Health Faculty of Travnik and carry out interviews with responsible persons: the Rector of the University, the dean of the faculty and department ministers, about the engagement of AMSB&H members in the organization of postgraduate at this University.

d) That the President of AMSB&H Izet Masic, as an invited guest, participate in the celebration of 50th Anniversary of the Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences, which will be held in Zagreb on 15 June 2011.

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