Prof Osman Sinanovic, MD, PhD

Prof Osman Sinanovic, MD, PhD


Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born on 27th of February in 1952 in Duboštica, Lukavac municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He completed primary school in Lukavac, Grammar school in Lukavac too, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade, where he completed specialist board exam in neuropsychiatry, after four years of internship, done in Tuzla and Belgrade. He became Master of Medical Science (MrSc), at Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla in 1983, and Doctor of Medical Science (PhD), at Medical Faculty, University of Zagreb in 1989. Since 1980 he works in University Clinical Center Tuzla.

He completed education in several cities of ex Yugoslavia, in shorter and longer terms (Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana), as well as abroad (Germany, USA, Japan).

He performed different functions within his profession (Head of Clinic for Neurology, Head of Clinic for Psychiatry, Director for education and research work at university Clinic Centre Tuzla, Head for postgraduate studies on Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla), and currently he is head of department for neurophysiology and neuromuscular diseases of Clinic for Neurology of University Clinical Centre Tuzla, Heard of cathedra for Neurology, professor of neuropsychiatry and medical psychology on Faculty of Medicine, University of Tuzla.

Perennial lecturer at the School of Medicine and Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences and the Nursing High School of the University of Tuzla, in the cases of neuropsychology, neurology and psychiatry, medical psychology, the psychology of communication, and on the post-graduate study of School of Medicine, School of Education and Rehabilitation, School of Natural Science and Philosophy at the University of Tuzla the subjects of scientific writing and research methodology.

He was guest professor on faculty of medicine, University of Ulm, and currently he is guest professor on Faculty of Medicine, University of Osijek.

He is member of Research board for neurology and psychiatry of Academy of science of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he is vice president of Academy of medical sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is member of several international professional and science associations, as well as member of several editing boards of professional and science journals. He published several hundreds of research works, and more then hundred of them are registered in international databases. He has been cited several times in professional books and journals. He was mentor to 32 Master projects and 17 PhD projects. He participated in writing and/or editing 48 books in country and abroad.

Curriculum Vitae 

Personal information

  Surname(s) SINANOVIĆ                                   First name(s) OSMAN

Address(es) University Clinical Center Tuzla, Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla,  Univerzitetska 1, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Telephone(s) +387 35 303 300; 303 131 Mobile   + 387 61 133 715

Fax(es)  + 387 35 250 474


Nationality  Bosnian

Gender              Male

Date of birth

February 27, 1952.

Work experience 


April 1, 1980 – December 31,




Resident (1980-1984), Head od Division for clinical neurophysiology (1987-1992)




Name of





Clinical Center Tuzla, Clinic for Neuropsychiatry, Department for Neurology


January 1, 1993

– May, 2001

Occupation or position held 


Head of Clinic for Psychiatry


Type of business or sector





May 2003 – November 2007


Director for science, research and eduaction






December 2007



Head of Division for Neuromuscular Disorders and Clinical Neurophysiology






Education and training










Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Department of Neurology, Medical Faculty, University of Zagreb, Education in Clinical Neurophysiology








Department of Pharmacology, Medical Faculty, University of Shinshu,

Matsumoto, Japan

Research in Neuropharmacology

Department of Applied Physiology, Medical Faculty, University of

Ulm, Ulm, Germany, Basic Education in Molecular Biology

Visiting Professor at Dep. Of Applied Physiology, Medical Faculty,

University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany

International Center fo Psychosocial Trauma, University of Missouri – Columbia, USA, Education in Trauma psychology


Level in national or international classification






Personal skills and competences





Other language(s) +

Self assessment



Relevant skills and competences


Docent for Neuropsychiatry and Medical Psychology (1989-1995)

Associate Professor for Neuropsychiatry and Medical Psychology (1995-2002)

Full Professor for Neuropsychiatry and Medical Psychology (2002- )

Senior Consultant for Mental Health of WHO for Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995-1996)

Head of Academic Department of Neuropsychiatry and Medical Psychology; Medical

Faculty, University of Tuzla (1996 -2004 ); 

Head of Academic Department of Neurology; Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla (2004- ); 

Head of Postgraduate Study, Medical Faculty, University of Tuzla (for actual academic year, and in past for many generations in different times)

Professor of Medical Psychology, Nurse School,  University of Tuzla (2004 -)

Professor of Neuropsychology, Faculty for Education and Rehabilitation, University of Tuzla (1996 - )

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