Karamehic Jasenko

Karamehic Jasenko

Professor Jasenko Karamehic, MD, PhD, was born on February 18, 1953 in Banovici, Bosnia and Hercegovina. Attended Primary School and Gymnasium in Vares. Graduated from Medical University in Sarajevo in 1977. In 1986, completed specialization in Internal medicine at Second Internal Clinic of the Medical University in Sarajevo. Finished sub-specialization in the area of Clinical Immunology in the USA and Germany (USA, Buffalo, NY, 1998, Germany-Liebeck, 1999). Completed Clinical Pharmacology sub-specialization in Hamburg, Germany in 1996 and London, Great Britain in 2000. Completed Organ Transplantation and Transplantation Immunology subspecialization at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA In 2002 received prestigious American government’s scholarship - stipend, Fulbright for 2002/2003 which he had spent at Yale New Haven Hospital as the part of Yale School of medicine (Yale University, USA). Masters degree was successfully defended in 1988 at Medical University in Sarajevo. Earned PhD in Vienna (Austria), in period from 1988 to 1991, at Second University Internal Clinic specializing in the field of- Transplantation immunology (AKH). Due to war in Bosnia and Herzegovina this PhD degree was successfully defended at Medical University in Tuzla in 1993. He was a Head of Institute and Department of Pharmacology at Medical University in Tuzla in period 1993 to 2002. Professor Karamehic was Vice President for science at the University of Tuzla (1998-2002). Full time Professor in the areas of Pharmacology Toxicology and Immunology. Until now, he published as author or coauthor 187 scientific articles, 10 books (8 of them are university text books) and over 50 domestic and international projects. Wrote a book “Transplantation of Kidney” with eminent colleagues from Yale University (USA), and this international project book is held at Yale University’s library in New Haven, CT USA. Pioneer of post war kidney transplantation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Introduced transplantation immunology and monitoring of immunosuppressive drugs into Clinical Centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Tuzla, Sarajevo). Professor Karamehic was teaching at numerous famous world Universities such as: Yale University, New Haven, CT USA,, London, Great Britain, Liebeck and Hamburg, Germany, Vienna University, Austria, etc. Professor Jasenko Karamehic is Founder and Head of Institute for Clinical Immunology at the Clinical Center of Sarajevo University, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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