Hozo Izet

Hozo Izet

Professor Izet Hozo, MD, PhD. EDUCATION: 1975 MD degree at University of Sarajevo; 1975-1976 internship at the Medical Centre Sarajevo, Split General Hospital; 1981 specialist in Internal medicine, University of Sarajevo in collaboration with University Medical Center Ljubljana, University of Zagreb, University of Geneve; 1984 - Subspecialist in Gastroenterology and Hepatology; 1984 - Ultrasound specialist certificate; 1986 - PhD degree, 1986 .First researcher in the Project:”Liver damages by the workers in a until plastic industry” sponsored by Croatian Ministry of Science and now Technology. . PRESENT POSITION: professor of Internal medicine at Medical School Universities of Split (Croatia) and Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). PUBLICATIONS: one hundred papers indexed in different publications, five books, one translated into English, POSTGRADUATED EDUCATION: 1977.- Postgraduate Study of Social Medicine and Health Care Organization finished in 1981 at Institute of Social medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Sarajevo. 1983 - Postgraduate Study of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University Medical Centre, Faculty of Medicine , Zagreb, Croatia. 1985 - Postgraduate Study of Endoscopy, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine. EMPLOYMENTS: 1975-1976 Health Care Center, Livno, BiH. 1976-1977 - Director Primary Healh Care. From 1983 - Chief of Department for endoscopic and ultrasound investigations, Internal Clinic Split, Clinical Hospital Split, Croatia. AWARDS, HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: 1975 - Bogdan Zimonjic - National award for best medical student BiH, 1998 - ,Appreciation of the Croatian Medical Association 2005 -Diploma of the Croatian Medical Association, 2015 - Charter of the Croatian Medical Association, 2016 - Split City Award for Lifetime Achievement. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: since 1976 member of Medical Association, Bosia and Herzegovina, since 1983 member of Medical Association, Croatia, since 1985 member of Section for Gastroenterology and Hepatology of Croatian Medical Association, since 1985 member of Ultrasound Section of Croatian Medical Association, since 1990 member of European Society for Endoscopy and Ultrasound, since 1998 member of the editorial board of the Medical Archives. PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH INTERESTS: Liver damages caused by vinilchloridmonomer and other chemical substances, Liver damages caused by alcohol, Ultrasound and endoscopic investigations Inflammatory bovel disease.

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