Mujanovic Emir

Mujanovic Emir

Professor Emir Mujanovic, MD, PhD, was born on 13 April 1964 in Tuzla. Elementary school and high school graduated in Tuzla. Medical Faculty in Tuzla graduated in 1992. Specialist exam in general surgery passed in 1999, and a sub specialist exam in cardiac surgery in 2009. Part of training in cardiac surgery of 6 months completed at the Buffalo General Hospital, Buffalo, United States in 1997, where he participated in work of the „Center for Less Invasive Cardiac Surgery” and completed the training in the field of coronary artery revascularization without using cardiopulmonary bypass. He is graduated attendee of a seminar on less invasive cardiac surgery at Buffalo, 1997 and 1999, seminars on pacemakers in Philadelphia, United States, 1997 and in Zagreb, Croatia, 2001 and seminar on cardiac surgery technique“Le Clube Mitral” Paris, France in 2003. Graduate of the program of English language institute of the State of New York at Buffalo, 1996. In 2003 as a fellow of Norwegian Research Council worked for 4 months as a researcher at the Centre for Interventions, as well as visiting cardiac surgeon at the Department of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery of the National Hospital in Oslo, Norway. The degree of master of medical science gained in 2002 at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla by defending the master’s thesis entitled „Coronary artery revascularization without cardiopulmonary bypass”. For senior assistant at the subject „Surgery” at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla elected in 2002, PhD in 2005 at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla by defending doctoral dissertation entitled: “Intraoperative quality control of coronary artery bypass grafts”. To assistant professor at the subject „Surgery” at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla was elected in 2006, to associate professor on the subject „Surgery” at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla was elected in 2011. He is author and coauthor of 52 scientific and professional papers published in national and international medical journals and proceedings of national and international conferences, from the narrow scientific field of cardiac surgery, 23 of which are indexed in the Medline. He is the author of the chapter „Surgical treatment of congenital heart defects”, and coauthor of the chapter „Surgical treatment of ischemic heart disease” in the university textbook „Cardiology” by: Zumreta Kusljugic and associates. He was a mentor several master’s and PhD theses. Participated in the preparation of two projects: Project for improving governance and inter-ethnic cooperation in B&H trough eHealth (eHIGICo B&H), where he was the author of the cardiac part of the course entitled „Surgical treatment of coronary heart disease” and the project „Boscore” (Bosnian studies for coronary risk assessment). Both projects were funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. He is a member of the European Association od cardiologists, Association of cardiologists and Association of surgeons of the Federation of B&H.

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