Prof Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, PhD

Prof Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, PhD


Tampa, United States of America.

Benjamin Djulbegovic is Professor of Medicine and Oncology at the University of South Florida and Division Chief and Director of Center for Evidence-based Medicine and Health Outcome Research. His major academic research interest lies in the area of evidence-based medicine, decision-analysis, clinical reasoning, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, ethics of clinical trials, practice guidelines, outcomes research and the impact of randomized trials. He has extensively published and taught on these subjects. Dr. Djulbegovic has published more than 171 papers in peer-review journals, 138 abstracts and two books : "Reasoning and Decision Making in Hematology", which in 1993 was listed as the one of the best books of the year (J Natl Cancer Inst) and "Decision-Making in Oncology. Evidence-based management" and was translated from English in other languages.

His work on regret in decision-making and the role of uncertainty in the conduct of clinical trials received national and international rewards and has received attention of the press all over the world including the prestigious Scientific American. Similarly, his work on equipoise, the fundamental ethical principle received a prestigious Tomas C. Chalmers Award of the Cochrane Collaboration (with subsequent publication in Lancet and featured by the world-wide news agencies around the world). Most recently this work has become to be considered “classic” and was selected as the first representative of the 21st century in the James Lind Library- most authorative source on evolution of treatment testing and advances in health care. His work linking ethics of clinical trials with the treatment success has been described as “the law of clinical discoveries” and has received attention of the press all over the world.

Dr. Djulbegovic’s research has been funded both by private entities and the NIH (he has been continuously awarded multiple R01 grants- the most prestigious and competitive federal grants- during last 10 years).


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