Jankovic Slobodan

Jankovic Slobodan

Slobodan Jankovic was born in 1961, in Kragujevac, Serbia. He graduated at the Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, in 1986, with an average grade of 9.96. He defended his Master thesis in 1990, in the field of neuroscience („Comparative pharmacological analysis of neural control of human and guinea-pig gallbladder motility.“ Center for multidisciplinary studies, University of Belgrade), and PhD thesis in 1993, in the field of experimental pharmacology („Pharmacological analysis of muscarinic receptor subtypes in smooth muscles of stomach.“ Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade). He also specialized general surgery in 1992 and clinical pharmacology in 1996 (with the thesis „Individualization of antibiotic dosage regimens in surgical patients.” Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade). At first (until 1995) he was working as a general surgeon at Clinical Hospital Center in Kragujevac, Serbia. In 1995 he founded the Clinical Pharmacology Department in the same hospital, transformed in the meantime to the Clinical Center, and ever since he works as Head of this department. From 2002 onwards he is also serving as president of the Quality Assurance Committee  of Clinical Center in Kragujevac, and from 2001 to 2012 established and chaired the Ethics Committee of the Clinical Center. At Medical Faculty, University of Kragujevac, Slobodan Jankovic became an assistant in 1987, a docent in 1994, an associated professor in 1996, and full professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the year 2000. In the year 2006 he became also elected full professor of Clinical Pharmacy. He teaches pharmacology, toxicology and clinical pharmacy. He also served as the Dean of Medical Faculty in Kragujevac, from 2001 till 2002, and as the Vice-Dean until 2011. Slobodan Janković published about 430 full text articles in medical journals, 9 textbooks, and his works were cited about 1,820 times (Hirsh’s index 19) (, RG Score 42,93; Scopus Author ID: 7101906319). He was chief editor of Serbian Journal of Experimental and Clniical Research (ISSN 1820 – 8665) from 2008 to 2012, and of Rational Therapy (ISSN 1821-0538), and is currently serving as a member of the editorial board of the following journals: Sanamed, Hospital Pharmacology, European Journal of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Medical Archives, Acta Informatica Medica, Materia Socio-Medica, Konuralp Medical Journal and Medicinski Glasnik. He is also serving as a reviewer in numerous journals, with 180 verified reviews at Publons ( For his work Slobodan Janković received the following awards: Annual award for best specialist work in 1997, ICN Pharmaceuticals (Yugoslav branch), Annual award „Prof. Dr Vojislav Stojanovic“ of Serbian Association of University Professors of education, in 2005, Annual awards of City of Kragujevac for Medicine in 2006 and 2012, and for Education in 2009, and Annual award of Serbian Medical Society for scientific work in 2016. He is member of Serbian Medical Society, Greek Pharmacological Society and Medical Association for Rational Therapy of Republic of Serbia.


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