AMSB&H anniversary

On Wednesday the 28th of December 2011 the Academy of Medical sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AMNuBiH) celebrated the 2.nd Anniversary of the establishment. Celebration was organized in hotel "Holiday Inn" in Sarajevo and on that occasion academicians Jacob Bergsland from Oslo and Halima Resic from Sarajevo presented their lectures.

Jacob Bergsland presented his lecture by video link. The title of academician Jacob's presentation was "Major trends and Innovations in the Medical Device Sector". The title of the presentation of professor Halima Resic was "Nephrology diseases - new trends in diagnostics and therapy". Also, president of Academy Izet Masic presented short review about main activities of the Academy of medical sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina during past two years. He reported about three organized scientific events named "The days of AMNuBiH" and about published 26 issues of journals of AMNuBiH: Medical Archives (established in 1947), Materia Socio Medica (established in 1978) and Acta Informatica Medica (established in 1993). All journals are now abstracted and indexed in more than 10 important world biomedical indexed data bases. Besides those activities, AMNuBiH was included in one project as partner with one non-government scientific association in Slovenija. Also, during last year we promoted one scientific book and improved cooperation between AMNuBiH and Academies of medical sciences of Croatia and Serbia. Within AMNuBiH work Committee for Scientific publishing (as a member of European Association of Scientific Editing – EASE) and Board for music-therapy. Academician Asim Kurjak awarded as the best gynecologist in the world last month in Montevideo, and academician Benjamin Djulbegovic awarded as the best hematologist-oncologist in USA for the year 2011.

During celebration of 2nd Anniversary of AMNuBiH, academician and president Izet Masic received award – LAUREATE of the Academy of medical sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina for his great contribution for development of medical sciences and scientific publishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

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