AMNuBiH Days and EASE Conference 2013

Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AMNuBiH) organized on June 21, 2013 in Sarajevo, its 6th Annual Scientific Meeting, which is dedicated to the importance of publishing papers in biomedicine for the development of this area. Name of the scientific meeting was „Publishing Integrity and Misconduct in Biomedicine". Presenters were the eminent scientific names from B&H, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, and USA. It was particularly interesting lecture by colleague Benjamin Djulbegovic, which by Skype had a satellite presentation from Tampa University of Florida. The conference was organized under the auspices of the European Association of Science Editors (EASE), whose members of the Council is also the president of the AMNuBiH and Chairman of the Organizing Committee. It was the first conference under the auspices of the EASE is Southeast Europe.

AMNuBiH was one of the most serious candidates for the organization of the European Congress of EASE, which will be next year in June, be organized in Split. President of the Academy Izet Masic told reporters that the articles can be published in books, monographs and scholarly journals through which they enter the global database and are available to the global scientific community. The essence of the topics presented at this meeting was about how to prepare scientific research, to implement them in practice, convert research results into written form and thus make them available to the world scientific community by publishing in indexed biomedical and other journals. An integral part of the meeting were the promotion of three journals published under the auspices of AMNuBiH - Med Archives, Acta Informatica Medica and Materia Sociomedica, which was promoted by academician Mirko Grujic (June issues), and promotion of the book by academician Izet Hozo „Clinical propedeutics", which has promoted academic Muharem Zildzic.

AMNuBiH celebrates four years of its existence and have 29 members, respected scientists from B&H and other countries. Unfortunately, as the President of AMNuBiH academic Izet Masic pointed out, in our setting the attitude of the state towards the science is very poor, while investment in scientific research is extremely small, but regardless of the attitude to science and scientists, local academics work, have success and receive significant awards at home and abroad.
AMNuBiH plans to organize another similar meeting before the end of this calendar year and receive several new members, among which are respected persons that presented their papers at this meeting. Admission conditions in this professional body are PhD, rank of associate professor and at least ten papers published in world biomedical databases.

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